What time is race registration?

See the course schedule here.

But briefly, there is Registration on Friday 15th (day prior) and then just before each race distance on the Saturday.

 Can I enter on the day?

There are on the day entries. Please refer to the entry page on the website for the details.


  • participation medal (both distances)
  • professional timing and race bib 
  • aid stations 
  • first aid
  • course marking
  • Parks Victoria p/p fees
  • awesome vibe 
  • finish area with food vans & live music


Yes. Both 22km and 11km runners can pre-book a seat on the event bus(es) online when you enter. But it must be pre-booked (and paid for) online PRIOR to the event. There are no walk-ups to bus as we need to pre-book the bus and account for numbers. BUS TIMETABLE can be seen here.

NOTE that there are no buses from the finish back to the start, so if you leave your car at the start (of either distance) you will have too arrange your own transport back to it!


You CAN TRANSFER your entry to another person. Please contact organisers.

You CANNOT TRANSFER to another event in the future. 

You CAN downgrade from the 22km to the 11km, but there is no refund of the difference in fee if after December 4th. 


Simply find the registration confirmation email that was sent to you when you entered online. At the top of the email, there will be a link for you to 'edit registration'. Follow that link and you will be able to edit your own details including distances. NOTE you will be charged the extra for upgrading, however if downgrading post December 4th, there is no refund of the difference.


NO! In the interests of trail safety and courtesy, we discourage the use of music. Some sections are quite tight and you’ll need to be aware of what’s going on around you. So please, no headphones! Jive to the sound of nature, eh? 


Yep, we’ll have em and if you finish the race then you’ve earnt one! Both 11km and 22km runners will receive one.


The course will be very well marked with a mixture of signage, ribbons, and marshals BUT this is trail running, a sport / pursuit that at its core includes 'thinking' as part of the skill set. And 'noticing things'. Things like you have been running for half an hour now and have not seen anyone, nor a marking you have crossed four roads and you are heading west when the course is meant to be north-south. It is your responsibility to analyse these things and make good decision based on the briefing given to you in the event program and verbally at the beginning. 

A key indicator - is there single track below your feet? Have you been following it WITHOUT hitting any 'decision points' (road crossings, trail junctions, veer offs)? Yes. And you've been paying attention? No earphones? Well, likely you are on the right trail then! Trust yourself if so! 

What will be at the finish line?

We have arranged for a mini-festival type set up at Sailors Falls Estate.

We will have food and drink (alcoholic & non-alcohloic) options to suit everyone - so bring some cash along to refuel after your efforts. We will also have music/entertainment to help you relax on the lawn - Feel free to bring a picnic blanket to chill out and enjoy the vibe!

What's on the aid stationS?

VFuel will be supplying some nutrition and hydration. We will also have your staple energy and salt kicks - lollies, chips etc. And of course, water. 

Are there cups at aid stations?

NO! This one's important ... WE WILL NOT BE SUPPLYING CUPS at aid stations! You will need to bring your own hydration carrying solution.  Please carry your own equipment/device for water. This could be a collapsible cup, softflask, fuel belt, handheld bottle, or hydration vest. This is to comply with waste-wise protocols and the council's determination to limit the use of thaw-away items, limit littering and preserve the pristine environment e're all running through and enjoying . If you are unsure what you should buy (if you don;t already have, we have solutions for you at The Ballarat Running Company and we will have LIMITED supplies of products on the day!

What TYPE OF shoes should I wear?

If you’ve got trails shoes, wear them. If you don’t then, yes your road shoes will get you through. You might slip and slide a bit more and they might get some wear and tear through them, but you can certainly run this race in them.

Refund Policy

Should you wish to withdraw from the event PRIOR to December 3rd, we will refund your entry fee, minus an administration fee ($15/$10).

Should you wish to withdraw from the event AFTER December 3rd, there will be no refund, as per conditions of entry. Why? Many reasons but mostly because a significant portion of your entry fee has already been spent on printing bibs, a timing chip, permit inclusions etc. There are NO EXCEPTIONS (including doctor's certificates etc) to this rule, sorry. 

EVENT Transport

Buses will transport runners from the finish line location to the start line locations. This is to limit traffic on the roads and congestion at the start line. There is plenty of parking at Sailors Falls Estate (finish line) to leave your car during the run. YOU MUST HAVE PRE-BOOKED YOUR BUS TICKET WHEN ENTERING ONLINE. NO WALK UP BUS SEATS ON THE DAY. If you have already entered but need to book a bus seat, simply find the registration confirmation email that was sent to you when you entered online. At the top of the email, there will be a link for you to 'edit registration'. Follow that link and you will be able to edit your own details including adding a bus seat to your add on merchandise. 

  Prizes & presentations

Trophies and sponsor product will be awarded for Overall winners of the 22km and 11km events. Sponsors product (only) will be awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place getters in both the events.

A perpetual trophy will be engraved with the names and times of the Men's and Women's winners of the 22km.

Age group results will be available ASAP via the website or via Tomato Timing website following the event.

How difficult is the running / trail?

It’s not that bad. Seriously! It is, however, different to running a road fun run. There will be ups and there will be downs (geographically, but maybe also mentally and physically!). Your feet might get wet and you may stub your toe. But the magic of the trail will outweigh all these little difficulties and you’ll totally forget that your watch tells you that you’re going much slower than on the ashphalt.


Okay, so the trail undulates but there are NO big mountains or even anything remotely like a hill! The trail for the most part follows a river, so it undulates along the bank, but mostly features flattish and sweeping trails that are just super fun! The section out to Lake Daylesford and return is dead flat! 

Most of the course is single track, especially the first 2/3 (for the 22km). There is a little bit of fire trail in the last 1/3, but that includes some creek crossings! Then there is some sublime single track to finish off with as you pass Sailors Falls and into the Estate finish. 

Notable, underfoot  varies in technicality. For a lot of it, it's just dirt. But some has bits and bobs of rocks, there can be bark and sticks on the trail, and there are a few sections where there is a drop-off down to the river. So as with all trail runs, it pays to be mindful the entire way, watch your footing, and take it easy on gteh rougher sections.